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A River Runs Through It

I like cities. I like exploring new ones and getting a feel for their story, how they came about, who lived there, their role in history and so on. London is amazing for this. As is New York. Tokyo was harder to appreciate but had it’s own resonance. However Glasgow is my home city, I’ve lived here since I moved to University when I was 17 and I realised today that I take much of it for granted.

I think I’m going to come back to this topic a lot in future but for today I’ll just mention discovering the River Kelvin.

I went for a run this morning and instead of dodging bams and cars on the usual streets of Maryhill and Hillhead I saw a signpost that said Kelvinside Walkway and headed for that. A few minutes later I was running on tree-lined tracks by a river. There were people fishing and I could see fish rises all across the brown stretches. Others were exercising their dogs, sitting reading newspapers, couples and kids were out walking and there were plenty of people running too. Some people said hello and it was all very pleasant.

The bridges looked fantastic, huge brick structures and ornate steel affairs, little wooden footwalks and decidedly dubious rope and stepping stone efforts. I could see buildings from completely new angles and realised that so many tenements must have great views from their back windows.

It’s not the tidiest or most maintained area of parkland in Glasgow but it was refreshing to find. All this five minutes from my flat. I’m going back every run from now on and am looking forward to busting out the watercolours, usually packed until I go up to Lewis, again.

Kelvin Bridge

River Kelvin

Hi there, the kelvin is a lovely river. You will always meet meet people that love Glasgows little secret.
My blog is dedicated to fishing it


See you around sometimes!!


Re: River Kelvin

have added ya to my blog favourites, how did you find this LJ then?

Am also a secret fisherman, although usually when i go home to Lewis. mainly fish worm, spinner or three flies on leader but have been known to straight up fly fish.

Catchable fish in the kelvin, who'da thought it...

Re: River Kelvin

i hope you eat those little fishies after torturing them.
(or don't torture them at all)

beware the big green eye!

Re: River Kelvin

in lewis i do. and very tasty they are too. a brace carried home tied with heather, gutted by hand, scored, stuffed with salted butter and grilled. mmmmm...and i don't torture them. i believe good fly fishing is not only ethical and natural but also pain free.

we can debate this at some point vegan gal ;)

Re: River Kelvin

i don't know very much about the techniques involved in any kind of fishing, but spearing a living creature and then suffocating it just doesn't cut it with me.

however, if you eat them and don't chuck them back in, mortally wounded or disabled, that is certainly the lesser of two evils.

I may be a fussy vegan bastard (©Andy Unger) but i use at least half of my brain ;-)

Re: River Kelvin

like i say we could debate this but you might wanna read up on fishing techniques and ethics first. to catch, kill and eat a wild fish is a wholly natural thing to do and one i have no problem in justifying.

i have serious issues with mass food production (including salmon farming) and slaughter especially of animals with complex CNCs but refuse to believe that game fishing is cruel. there is no evidence to suggest fish feel pain (sneddon's research last year was interesting but used bee venom and caused irritation and did not evoke a fear response) and good technique can kill the fish cleanly or return it unharmed.

anyway how did you get your leather shoes? ;)

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is not just about catching fish...that is certainly the aim of fishing but certainly not the purpose. the kelvin wold not be the River it is today if it was not for the anglers wanting to make it better.
As for the fish. Well, I dont keep any of the fish I catch, I only keep a few fish a year for the pot. They certainly dont die, I see the same fish day after day and sometimes catch teh same one a couple of times. usually they dont even come out the water before unhooking them.
is it unethical??? I think the good that i do at the river outweighs say someone absentmindedly throwing their mcdonalds wrapper into the river.


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